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Along with Guduće, Fortoština is the only hamlet in Ugljan located on the south side of the island. It is this position that allows an unobstructed view, from the beach Lučica, to the neighboring islands of Iž and Dugi otok. The life of the people of Ugljan is closely connected with the sea. Throughout history, a large number of the inhabitants of the place were sailors or fishermen. Even today, almost every family has their own boat with which they set sail and spend pleasant hours fishing, squid fishing or swimming. Traces of the connection between Ugljan and the sea can be found in Fortoština, on the Lučica beach. There are a number of small rooms, a pantry with doors of various colors in which the people of Fotrošće store nets, tools, raincoats, lamps and other necessities for sailing and fishing.