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Sports and recreation

Sports and recreation

Fans of active vacation have many opportunities for sport and recreation like: tennis, sea volleyball, soccer, cycling, scuba diving, table tennis, etc...


Tennis fans have opportunities to play earth playground. Tennis court with lighting, space for hanging around the bar, changing rooms with toilet, parking, is situated in the island of Ugljan, the village of Varoš.


Sport fields of elementary school have soccer and basketball playgrounds. Every year in summer there is a soccer tournament „Šug kup“ with tradition over 30 years. The tournament is played at the beginning of August, and the grand finale the day before the local feast of the Assumption of Mary.


Volleyball can be played in the shallows on the sandy beach Mostir. Every summer, as part of the feast of the Assumption of Mary, August 15, a one-day volleyball tournament is organized. The team consists of 3 members, and participation in the tournament is extremely popular among the local population and among visitors of all ages.

In cove of Batalaža, there is a beach volleyball court at your disposal.