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Scuba diving

Scuba diving

If you want to know the sea in its secret and mysterious side we invite you to the unique adventure. No matter if you are experienced scuba diver or if this is your first meeting with adventure under sea, there is a scuba diving school and several different options for scuba diving excursions.

Diving center „Ugljan“"

Adress: 23275 Ugljan
Phone: +385 23 288 261
Fax: +385 23 288 022
GSM: 0039 338 115 86 86

The scuba diving school in the "Diving center Ugljan" (the scuba diving center of Ugljan) will allow you to reconstruct the history by scuba diving in archeological sites of sunken ships, museums in deep sea, and you will be able to experience the beauty of under sea gardens in one of the most preserved under sea localities of the world.


  • School of scuba diving
  • Half and whole day scuba diving excursions
  • Scuba diving in the NP of Kornati
  • Scuba diving by night
  • Scuba diving around sunken ships
  • Renting equipment and bottle refilling
  • Service